Steve Westaway


steve-westaway1.jpgBorn November 1947 in Bristol, England. Studied as Teacher of English and Drama. Came to Germany November 1979 and currently lives in Worpswede Germany.

Steve Westaway has been playing guitar and singing since he was 22 years old. Originates from Acoustic English Folk tradition but his program now covers all styles.

Favourite Musicians: So many to choose but including Boz Scaggs; Ryan Adams, Allan Taylor, Miles Davis, Gil Evans,Chris Jones, James Taylor, Kieran Halpin, Diana Krall,Steve Payne.
Favourite music: Nearly All except Dixie Jazz

Instruments: Martin HD28, Avalon Legacy L10C, Johnson Tri-cone Resonator,Tacoma Thunderhawk Baritone

Steve Westaway writes and plays his own music/text in addition to singing other peoples songs. He likes to create atmosphere and warmth and quiet when he plays although he occasionally also likes to play/sing in a band. In principle he prefers to perform in concert, where the text can also be understood.

Steve offers a variety of programs in the form of either his solo concerts or currently with the Worpswede Session musicians.

Previously working with his duo partner, the exceptional Bremen guitarist Peter Apel or as part of the Trio Blues Plus with Klaus Grossert and Justus Jonas

My CD's

Maxi CD “Independent of the heart – Live with Peter Apel (2003)
Studio CD “The Mirror and the Bridge” (2005)
Studio CD  "What kind of...?" (2010)
Live CD - "Steve Westaway - Live at the Musichall Worpswede" (2013)

Also three Live songs on  "Black Horse Tracks" from Blind Lemon Records